Visual Abstracts are eye-catching, graphical summaries of your research. They are very effective at engaging your audience on social media channels.

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What are Visual Abstracts?

Visual Abstracts are eye-catching, graphical summaries of your research. Because they combine image and text, they are easy to read and very effective at engaging your audience, especially on social media channels.

Think of a Visual Abstract as the business card for your research!

We cover all major scientific disciplines*. 


How can Visual Abstracts help you?

  • Make an impact

Make a strong impact and increase your article views with Visual Abstracts optimized for social media channels.

  • Draw attention

Highlight your work with illustrations designed by a team with
decades of experience in science illustration.

  • Communicate well

Communicate your findings to a broad audience and in a fraction
of time. Our Visual Abstracts are crafted to increase readability.


What makes our product best for you ?

Researchers from all over the world helped us to develop and to test this unique product: Our Visual Abstracts were engineered to guide the reader's eye and to increase reading speed without reducing content memorization.


How to use your Visual Abstract on Social Media?

What is a Graphical Abstract and Why Do I Need One for My Paper?

Frequently Asked Questions


*Some areas like theoretical physics and mathematics are not yet amenable to our visualization service. Only abstracts written in English language can be processed at this stage. We are working hard to expand our service to other scientific disciplines and other languages.