5 Tips for Creating a Graphical Abstract

In this blog, we provide you with expert advice on creating graphical abstracts. Read on to learn tips for creating the most effective graphical abstract for your research.

5 Types of Research Collaboration

In the past, research was predominantly conducted individually and shared after completion, but the advent of "big science" during World War II introduced collaborative, large-scale projects. Today, researchers collaborate within academic institutions, across institutions, with government entities, private industry, and international partners, emphasizing the importance of effective communication to address global issues and foster innovation.

How Scientific American Can Broaden the Impact of Your Research

The results of scientific and scholarly research are all around us. Some are routine, like brushing our teeth, check...

What is a Graphical Abstract and Why Do I Need One for My Paper?

A graphical abstract should be designed in such a way that someone skimming through papers or scrolling through a website or social media feed can understand the basics of what you did and what you found at a glance.