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Nature Research is distinguished by its scientific excellence, breadth of coverage, timeliness of topics, and commitment to clear scientific communication. In keeping with this tradition, Nature Conferences are aimed at the international scientific community, with the goal of fostering and facilitating communication and collaboration between scientists.

We are proud to present these unique events (some in concert with specific institutions) that will become essential resources for the researchers of today and tomorrow.

Make a splash at your next event.

You've worked hard for years on your research, you've conducted your experiments, measured your results, and are now ready to share your findings with the world at a scientific conference.

Whether it's help creating slides for an important presentation, or a professional designer producing a poster, or you're looking to wow other attendees with an interactive infographic, we can help you make the most of the conference season.

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Make an impact at your next scientific conference with professional services. Create stylish, informative, materials to help with poster sessions, presentations, or even creating research summaries to share with new peers.

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Explain your research to colleagues efficiently with an illustrated Visual Abstract. Built to be read quickly, and to be shared on social media and by email.

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Impress at your conference poster session with a professionally designed poster.

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Prepare for your presentation, or keynote speech, with high quality slides that explain your research and communicate the importance of your findings.

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Turn your data into a compelling story and quickly communicate it with an abstract developed specifically for your upcoming congress.

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Explore video services at Research Square

From Research Square - supercharge your science communications with custom video content. Try a Video Byte for an eye catching 1-minute overview of your research, or a Video Abstract for a 2-3 minute animation explaining the methods and findings of your study.


Format your manuscript, generate figures, and improve your research data.

Looking to polish up your manuscript before submitting? Why not ease the workload and use our proffessional services to format your manuscript so it's submission ready. At the same time, we can prepare and format your figures, or ensure your data is prepared in line with your target journal requirements.