Video helps present your research work in a compelling and understandable format. Finding the right video team who understand your audience and know how to translate complex research papers into short digestible videos is a challenge.

You can grow article views of your research by up to 80% when you team up with our  Research Square. We’ll work with you to convey the findings of your research through video. 

Whether it’s a simple 60 second video overview of your work, or a 2-3 minute animation that highlights key findings and the contribution of your work within the scientific community. Our team, including scriptwriters, animators and voiceover storytellers, will guide you through the process and deliver you a highly engaging video to share with your wider audience to publicise your discoveries.

Head over to Research Square and view samples of our work from an ever widening range of videos to inspire you as you condense your research findings into short, impactful videos.