Springer Nature Research Round-Ups

At Springer Nature we have published thousands upon thousands of valued research papers over the years.
There’s simply not enough time in the day for you to collate the relevant literature reviews for your own research. That’s why we created our Machine Generated Literature Reviews. Smart, powerful artificial intelligence that will provide you with a comprehensive selection of highly relevant literature reviews to help you with your own writing and research delivered direct to you for free.

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What is it?

Machine-generated literature overviews are automatically generated summaries of published SN research publications. The algorithm identifies relations between articles and chapters and clusters the summaries into a table of contents. The summaries orient themselves on the original structure of the chapters and articles, which means you can also have small summaries of each subsection.


What problem does it solve for an author?

Get a comprehensive overview:

  • Save time and get a quick overview of a new field of research
  • Identify researchers in your field 
  • Provide your readers with more information 
Find or analyze gaps in your manuscript:  
  • Compare and identify gaps in your manuscript or research area
  • Discover publications you may not have been aware of
Write your manuscript: 
  • Developing a structure for your manuscript
  • Improves your Table of Contents
  • Speed up the writing process
Get inspired for your scientific research:
  • Find synergies in your topics of interest and discover intersection with other subject areas
  • Get help writing a book while still at the beginning of your academic career



What problem does it solve for the reader?

  • Tackle the problem of information overload
  • Dive quickly into a new or interdisciplinary topic
  • Compare certain publications easily and find essential materials for a reader's own topic
  • Recognize gaps or overlaps in a research area, which possibly leads to interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Identify and connect with other researchers 
  • Inspire my creativity for new ideas


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