You want to publish with Springer Nature in English or German, but you have written your manuscript in another language? Or you prefer writing your current manuscript in your mother tongue?

Your English or German language skills are fine but you lack the time or funding for a translation?

Springer Nature offers a new auto-translation service. The translation is realized by the market leading algorithm of our partner DeepL. We take care of the time-consuming translation work so you just need to manage the quality of the output.

How does it work?

We are happy to offer this innovative service free of charge to Springer Nature authors. Feel free to send us a few sample pages or even your complete manuscript with separate chapter files. The only technical requirement is a Microsoft Word file (*.docx) as a basis for the translation. Please get in touch with your responsible editor at Springer Nature if you are interested.




Why use the new auto-translation service? 

  • No funding needed, this service is free of charge.
  • Fast and easy: You receive your translation within 10 business days after you´ve sent it to your editor.
  • Less manual effort: All the formatting remains untouched. However, please note that the service does not include Copy Editing of the auto-translated files. You must ensure that the final manuscript complies to Springer standards before submitting.
  • We can translate from the following languages to our publication languages: German, English (and you can differentiate between British and American English) French, Dutch, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Greek, Swedish, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Hungarian, Estonian, Finnish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, and Indonesian.

Please get in touch with your responsible editor if you are interested. We are curious about your feedback and looking forward to developing this unique service with you.