Article Poster

After all the months, sometimes years, dedicated to your research your article is finally published in our industry leading science journals. Your research is shared with peers across the globe. It’s a wonderful feeling. And we want to help you celebrate your work with a one-off poster recording your achievement.


Your unique A1 (80cm x 50cm) sized poster will include the cover of the journal where your article has been published alongside your article name and the contributing researchers.


Your exclusive poster is delivered to you ready to frame and display at work or at home.


The example above demonstrates how your poster will look.


Please bookmark this page as it is unique to you. Using this link is your only opportunity to purchase your unique poster. Celebrate your work for years to come with your article proudly displayed on your wall.


Plus! We are now offering our international published authors FREE delivery using our network of local couriers. Your poster will be dispatched to you shortly after publication of your article. This may take between 2-8 weeks dependent on the publishing date.


The image above is an example only, and the final product will incorporate your article details and journal cover. The actual poster size is: 50 x 80 cm.