Custom Infographic

Custom Infographic

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Please upload your research article and any supporting documents that will help us create your infographic.

Tell the story of your research in a condensed, eye-catching way that is easily understood.


Showcase your research by calling out the most important points in a visual way. Infographics provide a compelling snapshot of the key findings from your study.



  • Custom created by our professional illustrators

  • Full color
  • Formatted for easy sharing on social media
  • Two styles to choose from (modern and traditional)
  • Displayed on your Research Square preprint (not required)




  1. Select your style preference and goals.
  2. Infographic is prepared and delivered within 14 business days.
  3. Approve the graphic with one round of revisions included.
  4. Your Infographic is displayed with your Research Square preprint (not required).


Featured infographic courtesy of: Marina Silvestre Vañó, Maryam Nourimand, Allyson MacLean, Edel Pérez-López, Getting to the root of a club – Understanding developmental manipulation by the clubroot pathogen, Seminars in Cell & Developmental Biology,
Volumes 148–149, 2023, Pages 22-32, ISSN 1084-9521,