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Research Preparation

Plan and prepare your research for publication

Meta Analysis Design & Protocol Development

Based on your idea for a meta analysis, we will develop the design and write up the protocol. Your protocol will follow PRISMA-P guidelines.

Meta Analysis Approach Development

Based on your clinical or research question, we will assess the available data and develop a suitable meta-analysis approach to answer the question.

Full Protocol Development

We develop a full protocol including the study rationale, objectives, and overall design. Includes statistical approach.

Synopsis Development

From your research question or study concept, we develop a synopsis that gives a full overview of the planned study.

Research Question Development

We conduct an expert analysis of the research landscape in your field and create a list of important, timely, and feasible research questions.

Research Question and Study Concept Development

We develop an innovative study concept including a research plan overview, basic study design, as well as a potential target journal.

Manuscript Development

Develop your manuscript and submit to your target journal

Abstract Development

Impress the journal editor and future readers with a clear and elegant abstract.

Cover Letter Development

Impress the journal editor with a professional cover letter that clearly communicates the importance and novelty of your manuscript.

Figure Generation

Development of a figure, schematic, multi-panel figure.

Original Article Manuscript Development

We develop an Original Article manuscript (3500-4000 words) ready for submission to an SCI journal based on your research data.

Commentary Manuscript Development

We will develop a 1000 word commentary article based on your ideas that presents and discusses key developments in your field.

Review Article Development

Based on your article concept, we will develop a full review article (4-5000 words).


Survey your scientific field, or find help analysing your research data

Gap/Literature Analyses

Find the gap in the scientific literature for your next research project with Gap Analysis.

Expert Review of Results

A statistician and research area expert will examine your results and offer an independent interpretation of the results in the context of the field.

Statistical Analysis (Clinical Study)

A statistician will analyze your research data in accordance with your statistical analysis plan ensuring fast, accurate results from your research data.

Analysis: Pair Wise (Simple)

Our statistician(s) will pool the data and perform a traditional pairwise analysis according to your protocol to esimate treatment effect.

Analysis: Indirect Treatment Comparison (Complex)

Our statistician(s) can perform network meta analyses for an indirect comparison of interventions in accordance with your protocol and statistical analysis plan.

Analysis: Bayesian Analysis (Highly Complex)

Our statistician(s) can perform Bayesian analyses in accordance with your protocol and statistical analysis plan.

Science Communication

Prepare your research for conferences and wider promotion

Congress Slide Kit Development

We develop a 15-20 slide powerpoint presentation for your upcoming congress.

Congress Poster Development

We develop a poster for your upcoming congress. Easy to understand and scientifically accurate, we capture the novelty and significance of your research.

Congress Abstract Development (from data/report)

We develop a 300-400 word (or in accordance with the congress guidelines) abstract for submission to a congress.

Edanz Oncology

Best in class services to review and improve your Oncology research

Oncology Quick Review

Save time, effort, and peer review frustration with practical advice from an oncology reviewers' perspective.

Oncology Expert Scientific Review

A full expert review of all aspects of your manuscript. You get a detailed report with advice on how to strengthen your manuscript and minimize chances of rejection.

Oncology "Best In Class" Review (Including Article Polishing)

Combining cancer research expertise with publication know-how, you get insight into how to shape your strategy for optimal publication success and impact on cancer treatment worldwide.


About Springer Nature and Edanz:

Springer Nature and Edanz are independent of each other, but Springer Nature is providing Edanz services on this platform because we believe they are valuable and useful for our customers. Edanz is a trustworthy provider who we have collaborated with for many years.

Springer Nature advances discovery by publishing robust and insightful research, supporting the development of new areas of knowledge and making ideas and information accessible around the world. We provide the best possible service to the whole research community.

Edanz ( is a scientific research support service committed to providing innovative solutions to the challenges faced by the international research community, from individual researchers and clinicians to large institutions. Edanz helps scientists reach their goals by providing guidance and support at every stage of research planning, execution, writing, and publication processes. Our team includes researchers, clinicians, journal editors, peer reviewers, publication consultants, medical writers and medical communications specialists. Edanz is part of M3 Group (, and a sister company to, Medlive (, and MDLinx.