Abstract Development

Abstract Development

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An abstract is a short summary of your research manuscript, typically around 200–250 words, briefly presenting why and how you did your study, and what you found. That’s a simple definition, but the structure and style of an abstract are where there are certain rules to follow to ensure that it effectively communicates the importance and quality of your research to the journal editor and other academic audiences.

If you need help developing an abstract that grabs the attention of journal editors and readers, our abstract development service can get you on the right track. Our team of publication experts will work with you to understand the key points of your study and craft an effective abstract that makes your research shine. We have a deep understanding of what journal editors and reviewers are looking for in an abstract, so we can make sure yours hits all the right marks.

To get started, simply upload your manuscript files and complete the order form. Or you can email us to learn more about our abstract development service and how we can help you take your research to the next level.


Meet some of the Edanz team that will manage your projects:


Daniel McGowan, PhD, CMPP

Chief Science Officer

Daniel has a research background in molecular biology (Auckland University, Cambridge University, Babraham Institute) where he specialized in Huntington's disease. Following a successful research career, he was on the editorial team of Nature Reviews Neuroscience. He has been Edanz Science Director since 2008, and chairs the Edanz Science Advisory Committee.


James Graham Phd CMPP

Science Director

James holds a PhD in Biochemistry and has a research background in prions and Parkinson's disease (The Roslin Institute and DZNE Bonn). As Edanz' Science Director, he oversees our team to help researchers develop innovative ideas and plan, design, run, and execute both clinical and non-clinical studies. In addition, James is a certified medical publications professional with substantial experience in the peer-review process.

Ayli Chong, ELS, CMPP

Researcher Services Manager

Ayli is a graduate of The University of Sydney, trained in assessing and treating individuals with impairments in hearing, speech, language, voice, and swallowing. She boasts over 10 years of experience in scientific communication and publishing and is a certified medical publications professional. Ayli is the Researcher Services Manager at Edanz, overseeing a portfolio of services and customized projects aimed at extending the reach of researchers' results in the fast-changing scientific communication landscape.


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