Nature Masterclasses

Supercharge your skills, confidence and career through high-quality on-demand training from Nature Portfolio journal editors and other esteemed experts.

Nature Masterclasses Live Workshops

Learn what makes a Nature article with Scientific Writing & Publishing workshops—live or virtual.

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Nature Portfolio Article Copies

Nature Portfolio Posters

Nature Research Academies

Join virtual or in-person (COVID-19 dependent) skills development workshops at your institution.

Nature Research Language Editing

Get the help of experienced scientific editors, and how they can optimize your written English.

Nature Research Partnerships

Bring your lab’s breakthroughs to the wider scientific world by partnering with Nature Research.

Nature Research Scientific Editing

Hone your draft with help. PhD-level experts will help you prepare your draft to the Nature Portfolio's rigorous standards.

Open Access funding support service

Get help finding APC funding, and demonstrate OA’s benefits to support your funding applications.

Original Article Manuscript Development

We develop an Original Article manuscript (3500-4000 words) ready for submission to an SCI journal based on your research data.

Publication Plan Development

Our publication team will develop a innovative plan to maximize the publication output of your research project.

Research Digests with Scientific American

Your research explained in plain language by world-class science communicators, and promoted on the Scientific American website and Twitter feed.

Research Question and Study Concept Development

We develop an innovative study concept including a research plan overview, basic study design, as well as a potential target journal.

Research Question Development

An expert analysis of the research landscape in your field, creating a list of important, timely, and feasible research questions for your next project.

Review Article Concept Development

Based on your initial idea, we develop a 1500 word article concept. We review the literature and identify themes and topics that journal editors will be interested in.

Review Article Development

Based on your article concept, we will develop a full review article (4-5000 words). We develop an outline of the manuscript and get your feedback and input.

Reviewer Recommendations

Make it easier for the journal editor to send your manuscript for review by providing potential reviewers.


A literature management tool that shows your citations in context.

Springer Nature Research Round-Ups

Get a summary of current Springer Nature-published research gathered together in one place. A great tool for collating a literature review you can use in your own writing and research.

Statistical Analysis (Clinical Study)

A statistician will analyze your research data in accordance with your statistical analysis plan ensuring fast, accurate results from your research data.

Statistical Analysis Plan Development

A statistician will help you choose and develop the statistical analysis plan needed for your study to ensure robust results that meet your research question or hypothesis.

Study Rationale Development

We will develop a robust scientific rationale for your study. We will perform a literature review, describe the gap in the knowledge and how your study is going to fill it.

Synopsis Development

From your research question or study concept, we develop a synopsis that gives a full overview of the planned study.

Systematic Literature Reviews (without meta analysis, excluding manuscript development)

We can help you conceptualize, design and execute the review: search parameters, inclusion/exclusion criteria, sorting and filtering.


Summarise your research for anyone with a video abstract, from the experts at Research Square.

Visual Abstract

Visual Abstracts are eye-catching, graphical summaries of your research. They are easy to read and very effective at engaging your audience, especially on social media channels.

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